Jason & Michaela

May 9th, 2017

Being apart of Michaela and Jason’s day was like a dream come true. Being a photographer I meet a lot of couples, this couple were totally smitten with one another, and it was beautiful to see! From the moment I arrived at the beautiful Lythwood Lodge there were just smiles and tears of happiness. The day was filled with endless amounts of love. A stress-free “organized” bride and a emotional groom, what more could I have asked for. The moments were so honest I just had to snap away. Thank you so so so much for choosing me to capture your wedding day. I have no doubt your love for one another will grow stronger each and every day.

Moment of the day: Jason presented his new stepdaughter with an eternity ring and the most beautiful vows before he married Michaela. Please note these images may cause a couple of tears.

Decor: Ester Midlands Style Events
Makeup: Shanna Holliday and Melissa Aylott
Hair: Jenna Love
DJ: Michael Zuma
Videography: James Peters Filming